Avo Assure v22.1.1

The following new features, behavior changes, and updates (enhancements, fixes, etc.)have been introduced this month.

Release Details

  • Version: 22.1.1

  • Date of release: 02 May 2022Package

Package Details

  • DetailsAvoAssure_ICE_22.1.1

  • AvoAssure_LS_22.1.1

  • AvoAssure_Webserver_22.1.1

  • AvoAssure_DAS_22.1.1

  • DB Updater files (28, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46)

The mentioned dbupdaters will be needed when updating from AvoAssure_22.1.0 to AvoAssure_22.1.1

New Features

  • Scraped Object Upgradation for Web AUTs.

  • Batch Reports.

  • Additional Settings (Configurations) at User level: Jira and Zephyr.

  • Zephyr Integration Enhancements: Import Mappings, N-1 and 1-N Mappings, Unsync Mappings.

  • Jira Integration: Configurable Fields.

  • Keyword Addition to Copy Workbooks.

  • Keyword Addition to Normalize Specific PDFs.

  • uploadFile Keyword Support in Headless mode.

  • Chrome and Edge (Chromium) 100 Version browser Support.

  • Json to PDF Summary update.

Changed Features

  • Hanged Features - Reports UI/UX.

    • Execution list should be displayed in the 'latest on top to earliest at the bottom' order.

    • On click of the scenario, we make sure all the test cases are in expanded view. Fix 'expand/collapse' area for click.

    • On click of Status (Pass/Fail), open new tab containing screenshot (if step with screenshot). Make sure the cursor is shown as non-interact-able for such steps where there are no screenshots.

    • Have a single button for Jira login (somewhere in the summary/next to filter by option) for successful Jira login and session maintenance. Which on login will change to text field which accepts valid report Sl No. The 'Create Issue' pop up will continue based on the step number. Fix 'Filter By' feature to not collapse all test cases when selecting any values in it. Add comments column and disable the terminal 'test step' view. Basically, the column headers will be As follows:

      • SL Notes Step No. (Test Case Name and Iteration Info)Actual Result. Expected Result. Elapsed Time.

      • Status (Clickable if screenshot exists).Comments (If reports have at least one failed test step).Jira Defect ID.

Change Requests

  • 2855: Enhancement request to remove token dependency for zephyr integration.

  • 2822: Enhancement request for Zephyr integration during execution.

  • 2775: Enable file upload in headless mode.

  • 2768: Enhancement request for Zephyr integration.

  • 2766: Jira integration from AVO Assure to support additional mandatory fields according to Project.

  • 2517: Enhancement request to copy entire workbook of excel to another excel.

  • 2425: Zephyr integration Enhancement request.


  • verifyContent keyword support for absolute compare.

  • Additional keywords for @Custom object type.


  • 'normalizePDF' keyword is not supported on Windows 8.

Browser Support

BrowserLatest Version Supported





Internet Explorer


IE Edge


IE Edge Chromium


Fixed Issues

  • 2654: Zephyr integration is not working.

  • 2595: mouseHover keyword is not working.

  • 2641: rightClick keyword is not working on a link.

  • 2711: Zephyr option "Update mapping" is not showing the mapped data correctly.

  • 2732: Data from data table is not working during execution.

  • 2806: On Zephyr mapping screen TC's are not displaying.

  • 2843: Benchmarking- output.txt does not get deleted.

Deployment Instructions

Server Setup

  • Stop and remove the following services - seleniumtoavo.exe, avoassureDashboard.exe, AvoAssureStreamer, AvoAssureDashboardDatabase, avoassurewebserver.exe, AvoAssureNGINX (if available), avoassurefileserver.exe (if available), AvoAssureDAS, AvoAssureLS, avoassurecachedb, AvoAssureDatabase.

  • Backup Avo Assure files: Dashboard, SeleniumToAvo, WebServer, DAS, LicenseServer, AvoAssureDB.

  • Place AvoAssure_WebServer (includes Webapp, NginX, Dashboard, ReportServer and SeleniumToAvo), Databases (includes AvoAssureDB, AvoAssureDB_Updaters, CacheDB, AvoAssureReportStorage and DashboardDB), AvoAssure_DAS, AvoAssure_LS zip files in server machine and extract them.

  • Configure, install and start services in following order: AvoAssureDatabase, avoassurecachedb, avoassurereportstorage.

  • Update the databases using latest dbupdaters. To update, navigate to AvoAssureDB_Updaters folder:

    • Ensure that the values of "host" and "port" in the config.json file contain the same values as configured in AvoAssureDB.

    • Open an elevated command prompt in the AvoAssureDB_Updaters folder. Run the command "python <dbupdater_name>.py". [Run the following dbupdaters in sequence at the last: 41, 42, 43, 45]

    • Do not close the elevated command prompt until the AvoAssureDB_Updaters have executed completely.

  • If LS.db already exists from the old LicenseServer folder, then it has to be copied to the new LicenseServer folder.

  • If data.db already exists from the old DAS\das_internals\logs folder, then it has to be copied to the new DAS\das_internals\logs folder.

  • Replace manifest.json (available in Webapp folder) and the downloadable AvoAssure_ICE.zip and SeleniumToAvo_client.zip in the 'Download ICE'/'Patch Update' folder.

  • Under 'Download ICE'/'Patch Update' folder, create a folder for the latest base package (named as per the format of Major.Minor version, for example 22.1) and place delta packages (AvoAssure_ICE_22.1.0.zip) of it here.

  • Configure, install and start the remaining services in following order: AvoAssureLS, AvoAssureDAS, avoassurewebserver.exe, avoassurefileserver.exe, AvoAssureNGINX, avoassurereport.exe, AvoAssureDashboardDatabase, AvoAssureStreamer (setup required), avoassureDashboard.exe and seleniumtoavo.exe.

For more information on setup, refer to Installing Avo Assure Server.

ICE Setup

  • Disconnect and close the running instance of ICE.

  • Navigate to Avo Assure URL and log in.

  • Click on the user profile on the right corner of the home page and Download ICE.

  • Unpack 'AvoAssure_ICE.zip' and click on 'run.bat' to start ICE engine.

  • Login to Avo Assure as 'Admin' and re-provision ICE.

  • Change the registration port to 443.

  • Provide ICE provisioning token in ICE registration window for newly registered users.

  • Now Connect to ICE.

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