4. SetOAuth2.0 keyword

Why was this developed?

In earlier versions of Avo Assure, we supported the authorization type as base auth. To support another authorization type as OAuth2.0. The Avo Assure team developed the SetOAuth2.0 keyword.

What is the goal?

The Avo Assure team has developed a keyword setOAuth2.0 to support OAuth2.0 authorization at the testcase level, which supports grant type as client credentials.

How does it look?

How does it work?

Description: To set the oauth2.0 authorization, use the access token URL, Client Id, Client Secret, Scope, and Grant_type as client credentials.


Input Syntax

Output Syntax

Supported Input Formats


<URL>;<Client Id>; <Client Secret>; <Scope>; <Grant_type>

Dynamic Variable

  • Text

  • Static values

  • Dynamic Variables

How to use setOAuth2.0 Keyword:

The user has to provide the Access Token URL, Client Id, Client Secret, Scope, and grant type as Client_credentials.

The user has to provide all the inputs in the Input column.

If the user executes the keyword, the token will be generated and stored in the output variable.

Once the token is generated, the user can use the token in the request header and send the request to fetch the response body or response header.

How can I get this?

If the user upgrades to the latest version of Avo Assure to 23.1.3, this feature will be available automatically.

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