2. drag Keyword

Why was this developed?

The desktop application had no supported keyword to drag an object/element from its location.

What is the Goal?

The Avo Assure team has developed a keyword “drag,” which will perform a “drag” action on the objects specified.

How does it Look?

How does it work?

Description: This keyword or action instructs Avo Assure Client to perform a “drag” action on the objects specified.


Input Syntax

Output Syntax

Supported Format





In the above example, after the test case debug, it performs the “drag” action on the element, and the execution status “True” / “False” will be stored in the output variable (if specified).

How can I get this?

If the user upgrades to the latest version of Avo Assure to 23.2.2, this feature will be available automatically.

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