License Management

The Avo Assure software license is a legal contract defining how to use the Avo Assure software. It covers important details like the number of subscribed licenses, the type of license, its status, how long you can use it, and any restrictions. Comprehending and following the license terms is essential to stay compliant and prevent legal problems.

Learn more about the different licenses Avo Assure offers.

License Types

There are four types of licenses. The user can purchase the licenses depending on their work requirements.

  1. Trial

  2. Training

  3. Starter

  4. Enterprise

For detailed information on the trial license, see Trial License.

For detailed information on the training license, see Training License.

For detailed information on the starter license, see Starter License.

For detailed information on the Enterprise license, see Enterprise License.

All the license types mentioned above are concurrent-based model. Note: One user license equals one Avo Assure Login and one Avo Assure Client.

Example: Five users can actively access the product at any given time. There is no limitation on user registration; Avo Assure does not impose restrictions at the user registration stage. However, having no license means no active sessions when accessing the product.

If an enterprise purchases five licenses and four users have actively logged in, the fifth user still has the option to log in. Once all five users are actively logged in, the system will not allow an additional user to log in.

All Plans Include

  • Access to product videos and documentation

  • 24X5 Chat / Call

  • Feature Requests through the Avo community access

  • Free training videos and webinars

  • Parallel Execution


The add-on is an optional enhancement that user can purchase to meet their additional business requirement.

Add-On features

  • Parallel Execution

  • Avo iTDM

  • Service Virtualization

  • White Glove Support

  • DevOps Insights

  • Pre Built-Automation Libraries

Pricing Plan

To view the Avo Assure pricing plan, see

To purchase licenses, contact

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