02. Keyword - setBearerToken

Why Was This Developed?

In earlier versions of Avo Assure, we supported the authorization type as base auth and OAuth2.0. The Avo Assure team developed the setBearerToken keyword to support another authorization type.

What Is the Goal?

Developing the setBearerToken keyword within the Avo Assure framework aims to enhance API security by supporting bearer token authorization. This additional authorization type aims to enable users to securely authenticate APIs through a token mechanism, expanding the versatility and security options beyond base auth and OAuth 2.0. This method ensures streamlined, secure API calls while maintaining compatibility with a broader range of authentication protocols.

How Does It Work?

Description: A bearer token is a type of access token used in API authentication. It is typically included in the authorization header of HTTP requests to identify and authenticate the user or application making the request.


Input Syntax

Output Syntax

Supported Input Format




  • Text

  • Static Values

  • Dynamic Variables

Find the snippet of the keyword below:

Setting Bearer Token in Avo Assure

To set a bearer token in Avo Assure for authentication, follow these steps:

  1. Set endpoint URL: Provide the desired endpoint URL in the input field.

  2. Set the method: Specify the HTTP method (e.g., GET, POST) in the input field.

  3. Set bearer token: Enter the token into the input field before executing the request.

How Can I Get This?

If the user upgrades to the latest version of Avo Assure to 24.0.1, this feature will be available automatically. If you are not part of this particular version, 24.0.1, contact Avoproductsupport@Avoautomation.com to get this version.

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