About iTDM

Test Data Management (TDM) is a critical part of the software testing process, which involves planning, designing, storing, managing, and maintaining the data necessary for testing software applications. iTDM, or intelligent Test Data Management, enhances this process through automation and intelligent features.

The Role of iTDM:

  • Creation of Test Data: iTDM allows users to create synthetic test data that closely resembles production data, ensuring that the testing phase can validate the application's behavior in a situation similar to live operations.

  • Data Obfuscation: When dealing with sensitive data, iTDM can mask these details to prevent any breach of confidentiality or non-compliance with data protection laws, such as GDPR or HIPAA.

  • Automated Provisioning: iTDM automates the provisioning process, ensuring that different testing environments can access necessary data without manual intervention, thus saving time and reducing errors.

Key Advantages of iTDM:

  • Accelerates Testing Cycles: By providing relevant and timely test data, iTDM speeds up the testing process, allowing for quicker software releases.

  • Ensures Data Compliance: iTDM's data Obfuscation features help companies adhere to data privacy laws, reducing the risk of data breaches and legal repercussions.

  • Enhances Test Quality: With precise and comprehensive test data, iTDM improves the tests' effectiveness in catching bugs and issues, which could lead to errors in production.

Using iTDM, organizations can ensure that their test data is reliable and created and managed in a way that upholds compliance standards and facilitates rapid development cycles.

How to Avail an Avo iTDM License

Method 1: Add-on Purchase

The Avo iTDM license can be added to existing Avo Assure licenses. This option is available for both Enterprise and Starter license types, providing a convenient way for current Avo Assure users to expand their capabilities with iTDM.

Method 2: Standalone Purchase

Alternatively, organizations can choose to purchase the Avo iTDM license separately, which is ideal for those who want to utilize iTDM's features to meet their unique business requirements.

To learn more:

  • Visit the Official Avo Website: Go to the Avo Assure website and request a demo to understand how iTDM can fulfill your business needs.

  • Email the Sales Team: For personalized information or specific queries, email to Sales@avoautomation.com.

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