18. Stabilization of Avo Genius for Web and Sales Force web application

Why was this developed?

Web: Avo Assure's earlier version did not include the ability to transition to a URL-based new window. There was instability in existing keywords (Refer to Keywords link) to support the functionality. There was instability in the data parameter.

Salesforce: The Salesforce application has been stabilized for web applications and is now supported.

Note: It is not still applicable to the popup format of the new window that comes above the window. It only applies to URL-based new tabs, which should be considered a new window as part of a transition.

How does it look?

How does it work?

  1. The user has to click the Avo Genius Plugin from the Avo Assure home page. The Avo Genius Extension, Installation link window will be displayed.

  1. The user has to click the link. The link will navigate the user to Chrome Web Store.

  1. The user has to click the Add to Chrome button. Add Avo Genius prompt window will be displayed. Click the Add Extension button. The Chrome browser will add the newly released Avo Genius extension.

  1. The user has to re-access the Avo Assure homepage. Click the Avo Genius plugin. The Avo Genius window will be displayed.

  • Project Details

  1. The user has to select the Project from the select project dropdown. Note: (a) The Test Manager Role only can create the project at the Project Selection level. (b) Only web projects will display in the project selection.

  1. The user has to select the Application Type as Web from the application type dropdown.

  1. The user has to enter the required URL in the Application URL box.

Record Scenario

  1. The Avo Genius Extension window will be displayed once the user clicks the Next button. Now the user can the Record Scenario. The Bottom Action Panel will be disabled initially. The bottom action panel will be enabled once the test cases have been completed.

  1. If the user wants to delete the whole screen, click the Delete icon, as shown below.

  1. Click the Data Parameterization icon. The captured data will be created as an Excel file. The user can modify the Test Data Spreadsheet as needed. The user has to provide the test data spreadsheet path and click the Save button.

  1. The confirmation window will be displayed if the user clicks the Activate Genius button again. If the user wants to continue, click the Yes button. If the user doesn’t want to continue, click the No button.

  1. If the user clicks the Yes button, The recorded testcases are deleted, and a new tab is displayed.

  1. The user can restart the recording by changing the navigation URL, as shown below.

  1. The entered link will take the user to the home page. If the user clicks on any other link within the link, a new tab will open, and the user can record the test cases of the new tab, as shown below. Note: The user can open multiple tabs and record the test cases.

Preview Scenario

  1. After recording test cases, the user should click the Preview Scenario button to debug the test cases, as shown below.

How can I get this?

If the user upgrades to the latest version of Avo Assure to 23.1.0, this feature will be available automatically.

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