05. Manage Project

Why Was This Developed?

The manage project feature was developed to expand the project assignment capabilities from exclusive managers to include admins as well. Now, admins can also assign and unassign projects, making the process even more efficient. With this enhancement, all projects are neatly organized and easily accessible in the All Project list for admins. This means admins can effortlessly assign and unassign projects, streamlining project management tasks.

What is the Goal?

Admins now have direct access to all projects through the All Project list. This centralization allows for smoother project assignments and reassignments, significantly improving the flow of project management tasks. This expands the administrative functionalities, ensuring a more efficient and organized approach to handling projects.

How Does It Work?

Manage Projects Overview

  • All Projects: Shows all projects not currently assigned to the user. Assigning projects will be removed from this list and added to the user's Assigned Projects.

  • Assigned Projects: Lists all projects currently assigned to the user.

How Project Assignment Impacts Project Counts

When an admin assigns projects to a user in Avo Assure, the distribution of projects between "All Projects" and "Assigned Projects" is updated to reflect these changes.

For example, if there are initially 100 projects in "All Projects" and the admin assigns 10 of these projects to a user, "All Projects" will then show 90 projects (reflecting the projects not assigned to any user), while "Assigned Projects" will display ten projects (for the specific user). Despite the assignment, the total count of projects remains 100, indicating that project assignment merely changes the categorization, not the total number of projects.

  1. The admin has to navigate to the Avo Assure login screen.

  2. The admin has to enter the valid Avo Assure Admin credentials, click the Login button, and the Avo Assure Admin screen will be displayed.

  3. The admin has to click the Manage Project button, and the Project window will be displayed.

  4. The admin has to search for and select the username from the Select drop-down.

  5. All Projects will display the total number of projects not assigned to the user.

  6. Assigned Projects will display the total number of projects assigned to the user.

  7. To assign a project, the admin has to select the required project and click the Right Arrow (>) icon.

  8. To assign all the projects to a single user, the admin has to click the Double Right (>>) icon.

  9. To unassign all the projects, the admin has to click the Double Left (<<) icon.

  10. To unassign the single project from the Assigned Project, select the project and click the Left Arrow (<) icon.

  11. The admin has to click the Save button.

How can I get this?

If the user upgrades to the latest version of Avo Assure to 24.0.1, this feature will be available automatically. If you are not part of this particular version, 24.0.1, contact Avoproductsupport@Avoautomation.com to get this version.

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