Avo Assure
Avo Assure - User Guide v23.2.0

Avo Assure Architecture

The illustration below shows the Avo Assure environment:
Avo Assure Architecture

Avo Assure Architecture Overview

The Avo Assure test automation platform boasts a sophisticated architecture designed to streamline and enhance the testing process across various applications and platforms. The architecture is characterized by its server-client model, integration capabilities, and scalability.
Server-Client Model
The architecture employs a server-client model which consists of:
  • Avo Assure Server: Orchestrates test processes and manages resources.
  • Avo Assure Client: Interacts with applications under test to perform various tasks as the server directs.
Integration Capabilities
Integration is a vital feature of the architecture, facilitating connections with:
  • SDLC products
  • CI/CD tools
  • Reporting services
This ensures comprehensive test coverage and immediate feedback, which is crucial for automated testing pipelines.
The architecture supports a robust and scalable framework, allowing it to adapt to the evolving needs of business applications and technologies.

Components of Avo Assure:

  • Avo Assure WebUI: Provides a user interface accessible through a browser for building, managing, and executing test cases.
  • Avo Assure API: Offers endpoints to the different functionalities of Avo Assure, accessed by the Avo Assure WebUI, client, and AvoAgent to provide functionalities to end users.
  • Avo Assure DB: The database stores information related to objects, screens, test scripts, scenarios, suites, and reports, alongside user role information and definitions.
  • Avo Assure Client (ICE): The core engine that implements and executes test cases, capable of parallel execution scenarios in different browsers and platforms.
  • Avo Assure DAS: Provides endpoints to the different databases of Avo Assure, used by the Avo Assure API for database interactions.
  • AvoAgent: A thin client enabling elastic and parallel execution capabilities for Avo Assure, connecting through Rest API to control the Avo Assure client based on execution loads.