Avo Assure v24.1.0 (May 2024)

This Release Note shows all the development work associated with Avo Assure version 24.1.0 (May 2024). The document is divided into New Features and enhancements.

PS: For a detailed explanation of features, refer to https://docs.avoautomation.com/ docs.avoautomation.com. For further information, contact us at Avoproductsupport@Avoautomation.com at any time.

Sl No.New FeatureDescription


The Avo Script Conversion feature is designed to convert existing automation scripts from non-Avo tools to Avo Assure, which is streamlined using the Avo Genius extension.


Custom keywords empower users to craft their unique keywords using a low-code approach. Custom keywords allow users to create their own reusable keywords to address specific testing requirements.


The element repository feature creates a centralized location where users can easily access and manage captured elements. This approach enhances efficiency and organization within the testing process by allowing users to visit the element repository and capture the required elements for their projects. By streamlining this process, we aim to minimize redundancy, improve collaboration among team members, and offer a more intuitive experience in creating and maintaining automated tests with Avo Assure.


The "Tag A Testcase" feature is to streamline the selection of test cases for execution configurations. This functionality enables users to tag testcases for easy identification and selection.


Avo has enhanced the reporting structure, which is designed to save valuable time and enhance the decision-making process for roles such as Quality Managers, Quality Leads, and Quality Engineers. This will ultimately lead to more informed and strategic outcomes in the quality assurance domain.


The primary goal of the Journey View within the Design Studio is to enhance the user experience by providing a more intuitive and streamlined approach to understanding and navigating the progression of the Test Suite. And presents them on a linear journey from left to right.


The Generative AI feature facilitates the creation of manual test cases by analyzing and extracting requirements directly from User stories or documents, whether they are stored in tools like Azure DevOps (ADO), JIRA, or within requirement documentation.


The Avo Genius for SAP feature is designed to significantly reduce the complexity and effort of creating test cases by automatically recording actions as users interact with SAP applications. This makes it an invaluable tool for both technical and non-technical users.


Integrating TestRail with Avo Assure aims to enhance test management and execution capabilities. This allows users to seamlessly map their TestRail test cases with Avo Assure's testing processes, enabling a more organized, efficient, and traceable testing workflow.


The Bitbucket Integration feature provides a more streamlined, efficient, and collaborative testing process that leverages the benefits of version control, backup security, and the flexibility of branching and merging strategies to ensure high-quality software development with faster, more reliable outcomes.


Admins now have direct access to all projects through the All Project list. This centralization allows for smoother project assignments and reassignments, significantly improving the flow of project management tasks.


The Unlock Test Suites feature allows the admin to unlock test suites forcibly, ensuring an uninterrupted workflow for all users. By addressing this bottleneck, the feature plays a crucial role in maintaining the seamless operation of projects shared among multiple users.


The switch keyword feature allows users to choose between descriptive and technical keywords to prevent confusion. Refining keyword naming, grammar, and punctuation ensures they are clear and intuitive for new users.


The Advanced Debug feature enables users to visualize debug steps and easily apply breakpoints, allowing them to identify and understand failures at an early stage. With enhanced flexibility, this option now grants users greater control over the debugging process.


The Swagger Import Definition in Avo Assure aims to simplify the REST API integration and testing workflow. Utilizing the strengths of the Swagger framework, it aims to enhance efficiency and foster better collaboration in REST API-related projects. This initiative is focused on reducing complexity, automating processes, and providing a more intuitive, structured approach to REST API testing.


The testcase assignment feature typically involves assigning test cases to specific individuals or roles within a testing team to ensure comprehensive test coverage and efficient test execution.


Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) is implemented to support the Salesforce database data.


The Dry Run check feature was developed to enhance user flexibility and efficiency during test execution. This approach caters specifically to scenarios where users initiate multiple executions for the same execution profile but require only the actual execution report.


Cloud ALM

Cloud ALM with Avo Assure aims to enhance test management and execution capabilities. This allows users to seamlessly map their Cloud ALM test cases with Avo Assure's testing processes, enabling a more organized, efficient, and traceable testing workflow. Once the user maps the test case, execution will be triggered through Cloud ALM.


BrowserStack Parallel Execution

BrowserStack parallel execution refers to the capability of running multiple automated tests simultaneously across different browser and device combinations in the BrowserStack cloud. This feature significantly speeds up the testing process by allowing concurrent execution, reducing the total time required to test an application's compatibility and performance across various environments.

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