4. Click and Add Elements - Mobile Application

Why was this developed?

In earlier versions of Avo Assure, when the user captured the element in the mobile application, only a full scrape feature was available, and there was no way for the user to click and select an element.

What is the goal?

The Avo Assure team has developed the startClickandAdd feature. With this feature, the user can click and highlight the element on the screen, and the highlighted element will be added to the list of captured elements in Avo Assure.

How does it look?

How does it work?


  1. The user has to download the "avoAssureClient_Mobile" from the link https://downloads.avoassure.ai/driver/avoAssureClient_Mobile.zip.

  2. The user has to place the downloaded "avoAssureClient_Mobile" folder package into the home folder of the Avo Assure Client.

  3. The user has to enter the Environment in the system search bar and select the Edit environment variables for your account. Note: The user needs to enter the variable, i.e. NODE_HOME.

  4. The user has to click the New button and enter the variable name NODE_HOME.

  5. The user has to enter the Variable value and click the OK button. Note: The user has to give the variable value path of Avo Assure Client where "node 18" folder is present (Ex: C:\avoAssureClient_Mobile\node18).

  6. The user has to click on the Path and edit the path.

  7. The user has to edit the ENV variables and set %NODE_HOME%. Click the OK button.

  8. The user has to restart the machine after adding the ENV variables.

Click and Add Elements

  1. The user has to click the Design button, and the Design screen will be displayed.

  2. The user has to click the Capture Elements button, and the Capture Elements window will be displayed.

  3. The user has to click the Mobile Apps button, and the Launch Application window will be displayed.

  4. The user has to select the Android OS. Note: The user can select the required OS according to the requirement.

  5. The user has to enter the Application path in the Enter Application path field.

  6. The user has to select the Mobile serial number from the Select Mobile Serial Number drop-down. Note: USB Connected device serial number will be displayed.

  7. Click the Launch button. The Avo Assure - Mobile Scraper window and the entered desktop application will be displayed.

  8. The user has to click the Start ClickAndAdd button and capture the required elements. Note: During scraping via the Start Capture method, when hovering over objects in the Application Under Test (AUT), the hovered-upon object is highlighted with a green color. This highlighting helps the user identify the object that will be scraped upon clicking.

  9. Once the user is done with the capture element, then the user has to click the Stop ClickAndAdd button.

  10. All the captured elements will display on the Capture Elements window.

  11. The user has to click the Save button to save all the captured elements. Note: Unsaved elements will be indicated with highlighted color. 

  12. The system will display a toast message as Scraped data has been saved successfully.

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