10. Advanced Debug

Why Was This Developed?

Previously, users lacked the option to debug specific steps rather than all of them. However, with recent updates, users can now initiate debugging from a specific starting step to a designated ending step. This enables users to perform stepwise debugging, allowing them to observe precisely what occurs at each step of the process.

What is The Goal?

The Advanced Debug feature enables users to visualize debugger steps easily. This allows users to identify and understand failures at an early stage. With enhanced flexibility, the debugger now grants users greater control over the debugging process.

How Does It Work?

1. The user has to navigate to the Avo Assure home screen.

2. The user has to select the project from the All-Project list.

3. The user has to click the Design Studio button and the Design Studio window will be displayed.

4. To get the test step context menu, the user has to click the Test Step icon.

5. The user has to click the Design Test Steps button and the Design Test Steps window will be displayed.

6. The user has to click the Debug button and the Debugger screen will be displayed.

7. The user must click the Advance Debug check box and the Advance Debug button.

8. To check the status, the user has to insert the Break Point and click the Debug button.

9. To debug the next debug point, the user has to click the Move to Next Debug Point icon.

10. To debug the next step, the user has to click the Move to next step icon.

11. To deactivate the debug points, the user has to click the Deactivate Debug Points icon.

12. The user can view the status of each test step.

How Can I Get This?

If the user upgrades to the latest version of Avo Assure to 24.0.1, this feature will be available automatically. If you are not part of this particular version, 24.0.1, contact Avoproductsupport@Avoautomation.com to get this version.

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