Log in Screen Overview

The login screen includes the Username/Email field, Password field, Forgot Username/Password, Login button, and Footer section.

  1. Username: To proceed with the login process, users must provide their registered username.

  2. Password field: Users typically have a password area where they can enter their password, which is then compared to the registered password in the database.

  3. Login Button: A prominent button to initiate the login process after the user has entered their credentials.

  4. Forgot Username/Password: If users forget their password, a link is provided to assist the users in resetting it.

  5. Footer Section: The user can view the Avo Assure product's web server version in the footer section.

User Login

  1. The user has to navigate to the Avo Assure server URL.

  2. The user has to enter the username in the 'Enter username' field.

  3. The user has to enter the password in the 'Enter password' field.

  4. The user has to click the Login button and the Avo Assure home screen will be displayed.

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