AvoAssure Object Identification Screen Overview

The AvoAssure Object Identification Screen includes the URL box, Scrape type drop-down, VisibleElementsOnly check box, Start ClickAndAdd button, Stop ClickAndAdd button, and Start IRIS.

  1. URL Box: The "URL box" often refers to a web browser input field or text box where users can enter or paste the website's Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to scrape. The URL field also functions as a navigation tool, allowing users to navigate to specified URLs. The user has to click the Navigate button after inputting the URL.

  2. Scrape Type drop-down: The user will have multiple choices for scraping the web page under the Scrape Type drop-down, including full, button, check box, radio button, grid, list box, Image, link, text box, Table element, other tags, and select a section using Xpath. The user has to click the Scrape button after selecting the ScrapeType.

  3. VisibleElementsOnly: The VisibleElementsOnly check box allows users to scrape only the visible elements on the webpage.

  4. Start ClickAndAdd and Stop ClickAndAdd button: The 'Start ClickAndAdd' button enables users to initiate the scraping process for elements on the webpage. Conversely, the 'Stop ClickAndAdd' button allows users to stop scraping elements on the webpage.

  5. Start IRIS button: IRIS (Image Recognition In Scraping) utilizes image recognition techniques. With IRIS, users can identify objects that are visible on the screen of the AUT (Application Under Test). The AUT screen must be in the foreground for IRIS to accurately identify objects. The identified objects are stored in an image format.

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