1. Object Identifier Prioritization Feature

Why was this developed?

In the earlier version of Avo Assure, object identification depended on the object's position. If the positioning of the scraped element changed, the action would be done in the previously scraped position.

How does it look?

How does it work?

The Avo Assure team addressed the issue by developing a feature called "Prioritize Objects." This feature allows users to prioritize the identification of an object.

1. The user has to log in to Avo Assure with valid credentials.

2. The user has to click the Design button to display the Design Screen.

3. The user has to click the Capture Elements button, and the Capture Elements window will be displayed.

4. The user has to select the required objects.

5. The user has to click the Prioritize Object button, and the Prioritize identifier using drag/drop window will be displayed.

6. To prioritize the required identifier, the user has to drag and drop the identifier.

7. Once the prioritize is done, the user has to click the Yes button, and the toast message will be displayed.

How can I get this?

If the user upgrades to the latest version of Avo Assure to 23.1.2, this feature will be available automatically.

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