Avo Agent

A pivotal component in the Elastic Execution Grid architecture, the Avo Agent, serves as the intermediary between the system and Avo Assure Clients. It is uniquely designed to host agents either in the cloud or on-premises environments, providing unparalleled flexibility and control over testing processes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Client Management: The Avo Agent handles all interactions with Avo Assure Clients, ensuring that each client's requirements are accurately met.

  • Resource Allocation: It dynamically allocates and manages resources within the Elastic Execution Grid, optimizing for maximum efficiency and performance.

  • Test Execution: The Avo Agent oversees the execution of tests, guaranteeing that they are carried out seamlessly and effectively in accordance with pre-defined parameters.


  • Cloud Hosting: For organizations preferring cloud solutions, the Avo Agent can be deployed on the cloud, offering scalability and ease of access without the complexity of on-premises infrastructure.

  • On-Premises Hosting: For enterprises requiring more control over their testing environments, the Avo Agent can be deployed on-premises, providing the same level of performance and flexibility.


  • Scalability & Flexibility: Regardless of being hosted on the cloud or on-premises, the Avo Agent adapts to the scale and complexity of your testing needs.

  • Centralized Management: Simplifies the process of managing Avo Assure Clients by acting as a single point of contact, streamlining operations, and reducing overhead.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By automating resource allocation and test execution, the Avo Agent significantly cuts down on the time and effort required for comprehensive testing.

Steps to install Agent

  1. The user has to log in to Avo Assure with Admin Avo Assure credentials.

  2. The user has to click the Agents button, and the Manage Agents window will be displayed.

  3. The user has to click the link provided in the manage agents window. Note: The user can download the agent from the User Profile >> Downloads >> Download Agent.

  4. The Avo Agent will be downloaded and will be available in the downloads folder. The user has to copy the avoagent.exe file and paste it into a required folder.

  5. The user has to Double-click on the avoagent.exe file, and the AvoAgent Configuration window will be displayed.

  6. The user has to enter the Avo Assure server URL in the https:// field and click the Submit button. Note: a. The Port box will be read-only. b. The user has to enter the Avo Azure server URL, where the test scenarios will be executed.

  7. Once the user clicks the Submit button, the system will install the agent. Once the agent is installed, the agent will automatically download the Agent Avo Assure Client (package). Note: Once the execution is started through Agent/Grid, then execution will be triggered by Agent Avo Assure Client.

  8. The agent will install the Agent Avo Assure client (Package).

  9. Once installation of the Agent Avo Assure client (Package) is done, the agent will be displayed with the hostname and username. Note: a) If the agent is not listed, the user has to open the 'AvoAgent.config' file. Rename the apimode=com to apimode=ps or vise versa. b) It depends on the organization whether to enable com or ps.

  10. The user has to make the Avo Assure Client Active status, provide the number of Avo Client Count, and then click the Save button. Note: Based on the user requirement, the user can increase the no. of Avo Client count.

For example, Suppose the user has provided the Avo Client count as five. In that case, this means five Avo clients will be opened, and execution will be distributed among the available Avo Clients parallelly.

Agent Execution:

  1. To create an execution profile, refer to the section Create Execution Configuration. Note: From the Any Agent drop-down, select your hostname and username agent.

  1. To execute the test flow with Avo Agent/Grid, refer to the section Execute with Avo Assure Agent/Grid.

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