Tag a Test case

The Avo Assure team has introduced the "Tag A Testcase" feature to streamline the selection of test cases for execution configurations. This functionality enables users to tag testcases for easy identification and selection. Tag a testcase is a great feature for creating and labeling meta-data to user's test artifacts such as test cases and execution. The user can create as many attributes to test entities as possible and then filter them while creating the execution configuration.

  1. The user has to navigate to the Avo Assure home screen and select the project from the All Projects list.

  2. The user has to click the Design Studio button, and the Design Studio window will be displayed.

  3. To get the testcase context menu, the user has to click the Test Case icon, click the Tag a testcase button, and the Tag a Testcase window will be displayed.

  4. The user has to enter the tag in the Enter a Tag Name text box, click the Add icon, and the tag attribute will be added.

  5. The user has to click the Save button.

Testcase Selection with Tag-Based Filtering

  1. The user has to navigate to the Configure & Execute window and click the Configure button, and the Execution Configuration set-up window will be displayed.

  2. The user has to enter the configuration name in the Enter Configuration Name textbox.

  3. A project will have many test suites and testcases, and now the user can filter with the help of a tag attribute and select the testcase.

  4. The user has to select the Search by Tags option from the Search drop-down menu.

  5. The user has to search and select the saved tag attribute.

  6. Once the user selects the tag attribute, all the tagged testcases will be displayed.

  7. Now, the user can easily select the testcase and execute it.

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