Avo Assure - v 22.2.0
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Creating and Configuring SAML App in Okta

Log in successfully to the Okta Developer site and create a Web Application as follows:
  1. 1.
    Click on the “Applications” option from the navigation bar.
2. Click on “Add Application”.
3. Click on “Create New App”.
4. Choose “Web” as the platform.
5. Select the “Sign on method” as “SAML 2.0”.
6. Click on “Create”.
7. Specify a name for the application and click “Next”.
8. Unselect the “Use this for Recipient URL and Destination URL” checkbox.
9. Specify the fields as displayed in the below image:
Note: The last section of the URI will be considered as the server name when SAML will be configured in Avo Assure. In this demonstration, “OktaSAML” will be considered as the server name.
10. Scroll down and click on “Next”.
11. Select “I’m a software vendor.” And click “Finish”.
12. The app will be created and will be in the “Active” state. Under the “Sign On” tab, click on “View Setup Instructions”.
13. Copy the “Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL” and “Identity Provider Issuer” data to a safe location [This data will be required when configuring SAML in Avo Assure.]
14. Scroll down and download the click on “Download Certificate”. [This certificate will also be required when configuring SAML in Avo Assure.]
15. Go to the “Assignments” tab and click on “Assign”.
16. Select “Assign to People”.
17. A list of users is displayed. Select any user(s) and assign them clicking on “Assign”.
18. On click of “Assign”, the respective user details will be displayed. Review the user details. Edit if necessary. Click on “Save and Go Back”.
19. Add multiple users if needed. Click on “Done”.
20. The user assigned will be displayed in the “Assignments” tab.