Avo Assure - Master User Guide v23.1.0

Reports overview

Reporting is defined as collecting and analyzing data from testing activities and subsequently consolidating the data in a report to inform stakeholders.
Reports make the user aware of the status of the success or failure of the tests that have been executed and also help in finding out potential defects.
Avo Assure provides an inbuilt reporting mechanism that provides detailed reports both at the summary level and step level, with screenshots captured for every step.
The reports are provided in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, JSON). In addition, Avo Assure's Reports plugin integrates with defect tracking tools to log defects automatically in the tools and embeds the defect number in the report against the failed steps.
For more information, refer here.
The reports screen includes the Breadcrumbs and Left navigation bar.
  1. 1.
    Breadcrumbs: In reports, breadcrumbs are a navigational feature that helps users know where they are currently. They are usually shown as a horizontal trail of clickable links at the top of a webpage.
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    Left Navigation Bar: The left navigation bar includes the Accessibility test, Functional test, and Agent Matrix.
    • Accessibility Test: The accessibility test refers to evaluating and assessing the accessibility features and compliance of digital products or services. Avo Assure generates reports and suggestions based on widely accepted accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which define the best practices for making digital content accessible to people with disabilities. Refer to the section Reports for more information.
    • Functional Test: The functional test refers to the evaluation and validation of the functional aspects of a digital product or service. Avo Assure is a platform that conducts comprehensive functional tests to ensure digital products meet their intended function and perform as expected. Refer to the section Reports for more information.
    • Agent: Avo Agent is a group of Avo Assure Clients. Agents will be maintained by the system either on-premises or in the cloud. The agent will look after the Avo Assure Client. Refer to the section Reports for more information.