What's New
New features and improvements

Release Details

  • Version: 22.1.0
  • Date of release: 31 March 2022

Package Details

  • AvoAssure_ICE_22.1.0
  • AvoAssure_LS_22.1.0
  • AvoAssure_Webserver_22.1.0
  • AvoAssure_DAS_22.1.0
  • DB Updater files (28, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46)
The mentioned dbupdaters will be needed when updating from AvoAssure_3.4.0 to AvoAssure_22.1.0

New Features

  • Scraped Object Upgradation for Web AUTs.
  • Batch Reports.
  • Additional Settings (Configurations) at User level: Jira and Zephyr.
  • Zephyr Integration Enhancements: Import Mappings, N-1 and 1-N Mappings, Unsync Mappings.
  • Jira Integration: Configurable Fields.
  • Keyword Addition to Copy Workbooks.
  • Keyword Addition to Normalize Specific PDFs.
  • uploadFile Keyword Support in Headless mode.

Changed Features

  • Reports UI/UX.

Change Requests

  • 2855: Enhancement request to remove token dependency for zephyr integration.
  • 2822: Enhancement request for Zephyr integration during execution.
  • 2775: Enable file upload in headless mode.
  • 2768: Enhancement request for Zephyr integration.
  • 2766: Jira integration from AVO Assure to support additional mandatory fields according to Project.
  • 2517: Enhancement request to copy entire workbook of excel to another excel.
  • 2425: Zephyr integration Enhancement request.


  • verifyContent keyword support for absolute compare.
  • Additional keywords for @Custom object type.


  • 'normalizePDF' keyword is not supported on Windows 8.

Browser Support

Latest Version Supported
Internet Explorer
IE Edge
IE Edge Chromium

Fixed Issues

  • 2654: Zephyr integration is not working.
  • 2595: mouseHover keyword is not working.
  • 2641: rightClick keyword is not working on a link.
  • 2711: Zephyr option "Update mapping" is not showing the mapped data correctly.
  • 2732: Data from data table is not working during execution.
  • 2806: On Zephyr mapping screen TC's are not displaying.
  • 2843: Benchmarking- output.txt does not get deleted.

Deployment Instructions

Server Setup

  • Stop and remove the following services - seleniumtoavo.exe, avoassureDashboard.exe, AvoAssureStreamer, AvoAssureDashboardDatabase, avoassurewebserver.exe, AvoAssureNGINX (if available), avoassurefileserver.exe (if available), AvoAssureDAS, AvoAssureLS, avoassurecachedb, AvoAssureDatabase.
  • Backup Avo Assure files: Dashboard, SeleniumToAvo, WebServer, DAS, LicenseServer, AvoAssureDB.
  • Place AvoAssure_WebServer (includes Webapp, NginX, Dashboard, ReportServer and SeleniumToAvo), Databases (includes AvoAssureDB, AvoAssureDB_Updaters, CacheDB, AvoAssureReportStorage and DashboardDB), AvoAssure_DAS, AvoAssure_LS zip files in server machine and extract them.
  • Configure, install and start services in following order: AvoAssureDatabase, avoassurecachedb, avoassurereportstorage.
  • Update the databases using latest dbupdaters. To update, navigate to AvoAssureDB_Updaters folder:
    • Ensure that the values of "host" and "port" in the config.json file contain the same values as configured in AvoAssureDB.
    • Open an elevated command prompt in the AvoAssureDB_Updaters folder. Run the command "python <dbupdater_name>.py". [Run the following dbupdaters in sequence at the last: 41, 42, 43, 45]
    • Do not close the elevated command prompt until the AvoAssureDB_Updaters have executed completely.
  • If LS.db already exists from the old LicenseServer folder, then it has to be copied to the new LicenseServer folder.
  • If data.db already exists from the old DAS\das_internals\logs folder, then it has to be copied to the new DAS\das_internals\logs folder.
  • Replace manifest.json (available in Webapp folder) and the downloadable and in the 'Download ICE'/'Patch Update' folder.
  • Under 'Download ICE'/'Patch Update' folder, create a folder for the latest base package (named as per the format of Major.Minor version, for example 22.1) and place delta packages ( of it here.
  • Configure, install and start the remaining services in following order: AvoAssureLS, AvoAssureDAS, avoassurewebserver.exe, avoassurefileserver.exe, AvoAssureNGINX, avoassurereport.exe, AvoAssureDashboardDatabase, AvoAssureStreamer (setup required), avoassureDashboard.exe and seleniumtoavo.exe.
For more information on setup, refer here.

ICE Setup

  • Disconnect and close the running instance of ICE.
  • Navigate to Avo Assure URL and log in.
  • Click on the user profile on the right corner of the home page and Download ICE.
  • Unpack '' and click on 'run.bat' to start ICE engine.
  • Login to Avo Assure as 'Admin' and re-provision ICE.
  • Change the registration port to 443.
  • Provide ICE provisioning token in ICE registration window for newly registered users.
  • Now Connect to ICE.