What's New
New features and improvements

Release Details

  • Version: 3.4.0
  • Date of release: 2 Nov 2021

Package Details

  • AvoAssure_ICE_3.4.0
  • AvoAssure_LS_3.4.0
  • AvoAssure_Webserver_3.4.0
  • AvoAssure_DAS_3.4.0
  • DB Updater files (23, 25, 28, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38)
The mentioned dbupdaters will be needed when updating from AvoAssure_3.3.0 to AvoAssure_3.4.0

New Features

  • Selenium to Avo Assure Script Conversion
  • Email Group Setup and Task Notifications to Email Groups
  • Support for SAP 750, 760, and 770 (win 10)
  • OEBS Support
  • Zephyr Integration Enhancement- SSO Login and Update mappings
  • Support for browser extensions on Chrome and Chromium
  • Web: Highlight objects on hover during 'ClickAndAdd' scraping
  • Extended support in Generic Database Keywords for Mongo, Redis, Cassandra, SQLite, Snowflake, and PostgreSQL
  • Avo Assure API templates
  • Settings at the User level
  • Creation and Deletion of Constant Variables.
For details related to the features, please refer here.

Changed Features

  • Following mentioned SAP keywords have been updated and now support main windows and dialog windows-
    • minimizeWindow has been added
    • maximizeDialogWindow has been renamed to maximizeWindow
    • restoreDialogWindow has been renamed to restoreWindow
    • closeDialogWindow has been renamed to closeWindow
  • Ability to fetch text from images of a PDF file using getContent keyword.
  • Data Tables Import UI
  • Status messages in pop-up converted to color-coded messages
  • verifyHidden keyword in @custom is no longer supported.
  • The last input argument for selectiveCellCompare in @Generic will support only 'IgnoreCase' value (This argument's value is case insensitive).

Change Requests

  • 1788: CR to get the support of passing the excel sheet using a variable in the output of the "cellbycellcompare" and "exportdata" keywords.
  • 2337: Feature request to get a screenshot of all the browser instance running on multiple ICE on one machine.
  • 2396: request to get the "doubleclick" keyword for a textbox object.
  • 2425: Zephyr Integration Enhancement request.
  • 2437: Parameterizing the input values for the setParam keyword.
  • 2439: To fetch the value of the JSON key value from the nth index within the array.
  • 2450: Enhancement request to get support for 'PostgreSQL’ DB support.


  • Browser pop-up screenshots


  • OEBS Limitations
    • The objects scrapped via ClickAndAdd method will be state-dependent (Objects scraped while in focus and without focus are considered different objects).
    • Multiple usages of 'switchToFrame' keyword within a single test script are restricted.
    • @Custom object type supports only table object type.
    • Automation of 'Security Warning Message' pop-up.
  • Table content within PDFs is not supported.
  • Request Body Generator for ExecutionAPI with Zephyr Integration when Integration is to be done via Token Authorization.

Browser Support

Latest Version Supported
Internet Explorer
IE Edge
IE Edge Chromium

Fixed Issues

  • 2132: SuccessFactors - Though the action is performed on the application, the step shows as failed in ICE.
  • 2385: Data Grid/Table Object Identification in Avo Assure - Desktop application.
  • 2392: Under execution screen when the condition selected does not work accordingly.
  • 2408: "Execution or termination already in progress" pop-up appears even after completion of the task (testing).
  • 2428: CI/CD Integration issue with respect to Azure DevOps.
  • 2447: "Error occurred in disableAnchorIris" message coming in ICE console.
  • 2485: comparepdf keyword is not working.
  • 2505: "getrownumbytext" is not working for a table.

Deployment Instructions

Server Setup

  • Stop and remove the following services - avoassurewebserver.exe, AvoAssureNGINX (if available), avoassurefileserver.exe (if available), AvoAssureDAS, AvoAssureLS, avoassurecachedb, AvoAssureDatabase.
  • Backup Avo Assure files: WebServer, DAS, LicenseServer, AvoAssureDB.
  • Place AvoAssure_WebServer (includes Webapp, NginX, Dashboard, and Selenium to Avo), Databases (includes AvoAssureDB, AvoAssureDB_Updaters, CacheDB, and DashboardDB), AvoAssure_DAS, AvoAssure_LS zip files in server machine and extract them.
  • Update AvoAssureDB using latest dbupdaters. To update, navigate to AvoAssureDB_Updaters folder:
    • Ensure that the values of "host" and "port" in the config.json file contain the same values as configured in AvoAssureDB.
    • Open an elevated command prompt in the AvoAssureDB_Updaters folder. Run the command "python <dbupdater_name>.py".
  • If LS.db already exists from the old LicenseServer folder, then it has to be copied to the new LicenseServer folder.
  • If data.db already exists from the old DAS\das_internals\logs folder, then it has to be copied to the new DAS\das_internals\logs folder.
  • Replace manifest.json (available in Webapp folder) and the downloadable in the 'Download ICE'/'Patch Update' folder.
  • Under 'Download ICE'/'Patch Update'folder, create a folder for the latest base package (named as per the format of Major.Minor version, for example 3.4) and place delta packages ( of it here.
  • Configure, install and start services in following order: AvoAssureDatabase, avoassurecachedb, AvoAssureLS, AvoAssureDAS, avoassurewebserver.exe, avoassurefileserver.exe, AvoAssureNGINX, AvoAssureDashboardDatabase (setup required), AvoAssureStreamer (setup required), avoassureDashboard.exe (setup required) and seleniumtoavo.exe.
For more information on setup, refer here.

ICE Setup

  • Disconnect and close the running instance of ICE.
  • Navigate to Avo Assure URL and log in.
  • Click on the user profile on the right corner of the home page and Download ICE.
  • Unpack '' and click on 'run.bat' to start ICE engine.
  • Login to Avo Assure as 'Admin' and re-provision ICE.
  • Change the registration port to 443.
  • Provide ICE provisioning token in ICE registration window for newly registered users.
  • Now Connect to ICE.
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