About Avo Assure

Information about Avo Assure, its salient features and its life cycle.


Avo Assure is a futuristic test automation product that encompasses testing of most types of software and product implementations.

Avo Assure is a scriptless, test automation platform enabling you to check the quality of every element of your business application - from the visual layer to the underlying service processes and messages, and databases.  Web, desktop, messages, ERP, mainframes, mobile applications, or any technology in any layer – Avo Assure makes testing a positive experience rather than a challenge.


  1. 100% scriptless automation

  2. Seamless cross-platform testing

  3. Browser-based product

  4. Business user-friendly – no coding skills required

  5. Visual test hierarchy mapping for easy test design

  6. Integration with most of the SDLC products

  7. Mindmap

  8. Integration with CI/CD tools

  9. Avo Genius

  10. Upgrade Analyzer

  11. In-Sprint Automation

  12. Elastic Execution

  13. Reports

The Life Cycle

Avo Assure is designed in alignment with the software testing life cycle. Once an application under test is analyzed and the requirements are understood, the further steps of designing the test flow, authoring, and execution can be performed using Avo Assure.

  1. Mindmaps: Avo Assure provides an effective way of designing a complete test flow visually and efficiently using the Mindmaps plugin. Once the design of the test flow is created, the components of the flow can be assigned as tasks across teams. For more information, refer to the Mindmap section.

  2. Avo Assure Client: The test flow design is followed by automating the test flow. Avo Assure achieves this in the below three steps using ICE which is its core.

    1. Object Identification: Identifying the objects on the application under test on which the actions need to be done. Object identification can be achieved seamlessly and accurately across different application types using Avo Assure. For more information, refer to the Object Identification section.

    2. Test Flow Authoring: Performing actions on the objects identified in the previous step to create a logical flow of the sequence. Avo Assure provides a scriptless way of performing actions on the objects identified. For more information, refer to the Authoring a Testcases section.

    3. Test Flow Execution: Avo Assure can execute the Test case authored sequentially or parallelly. Test cases can be scheduled to be executed via Avo Assure or can be triggered from external orchestration too. For more information, refer to the Executing a Test Flow section.

  3. Reports & Dashboard: On execution of a test flow, Avo Assure provides inbuilt Reports and Dashboard. For more information, refer to the Reports and Dashboard section.

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