Creating a SAML User

  1. 1.
    Log in to Avo Assure as 'Admin'. In the 'User' section, select the 'User Type' as 'SAML' from the dropdown.
User Type selection
2. Select the configured Server of SAML. For more information on defining a SAML Configuration, refer here.
3. Fill in ALL the other details.
User details
Note: The username should be the same as specified during the login to identify the provider. If the username is shared (via email), then provide the same value in the username field.
4. Click on “Create”.
To create SAML user
5. The user will be prompted with the message ‘User created successfully’.
6. Log out as Admin. [Note: Before logging out as Admin, assign at least one project to the SAML user to ensure a successful Avo Assure login.]
7. On the Avo Assure Login Screen, enter the SAML user’s username and proceed.
Avo Assure Login Page
8. The user will be redirected to the Okta login page. Enter credentials for the respective user. For information on the section "Creating Users in Okta", refer here.
9. Click on “Sign In”.
Redirected to Issuer URL
10. The user is now successfully logged into Avo Assure. The user will be redirected to the Avo Assure landing page.
Avo Assure landing page on successful login