Creating Email Groups

  1. 1.
    Log in to the admin screen and click on the ‘Email Groups’ icon from the action bar (left panel).
Admin Screen Landing Page
2. Specify a name for the email group to be created.
3. From the left section select the user(s) that are required to be included in the email group to be created.
Email Group Setup Page
4. Click on  the ‘Move to right’  icon to move the selected user(s) from the ‘All Users’ listbox to the ‘Assigned Users to Group’  listbox.
5. To assign all users to a group, click on the ‘Move all to right’ icon.
Note: When the selected users are moved to the right panel, their email IDs must be included in the group to be created.
Email Group Setup Page – Assigning users to a group
6. To un-assign selected user(s) from a group, click on the ‘Move to left’ icon.
7. To un-assign all users from a group, click on the ‘Move all to left’ icon.
8. If an email ID is to be added, then click on the ‘Add Email ID’ field. A pop-up will be displayed to the user where a valid email ID must be specified.
Email Group Setup Page – Adding email IDs to a Group
Note: On moving an added email ID from the right section to the left, the user will be notified that the action is invalid and the user will be asked to confirm the deletion of the email ID from the group.
Email Group Setup Page – Removing email IDs from a Group
9. After grouping the required user(s)/email ID(s), click on the ‘Create’ button to successfully create the intended email group.
10. On successful creation of the email group, the user will be notified.
Email Group Edit Page – Email Group created successfully