Object Identification– Mobile

Method to identify objects for a Mobile AUT
  1. 1.
    Click on the screen name in the ‘My Tasks - To Do’ pane  of the Avo Assure Landing Page.
Landing Page – My Tasks Pane
2. Click on Mobile apps to launch a pop-up window.
Object Identification Page – Mobile Apps
3. Choose the OS.
4. For illustration, we chose Android, provided the details required as seen below, and then click on the Launch button.
Launch Application Window
5. The application under test is launched by Avo Assure in the emulator or the mobile device.
Application under Test Launched
6. Once the application is completely loaded, click on the ‘Scrape’ button on the Avo Assure object identifier window. Note: ‘Swipe Down’ and ‘Swipe Up’ buttons are provided to perform the swipe operations on the application under test.
Object Identification Window
7. All the objects identified will appear on the page.
Objects Identified displayed in Avo Assure
8. Click on the ‘Save’ button to save all the identified objects.