Scenario Execution

Execute a Scenario
  1. 1.
    Click on any ‘Execution Scenario Task’ on the landing page.
Execution Scenario Task on Landing Page
2. Select at least one option from the ‘Execute On’ section on the left panel.
Select from the options on Left Panel
3. Click on the ‘Execute’ button.
4. Select Execution Type, ICE Pool and target ICE(s).
Note: Performing a smart execution on scenario level will make no impact. Smart Executions are helpful when done at module level.
Select Execution type, ICE Pool and Target ICE(s) pop up on ‘Execute’
5. The execution is added to execution queue.
Note: If the selected ICE is already executing a test suite, the following popup will appear warning the user that the test suite will be pushed to queue. The user can either, click on the ‘Proceed’ button to push execution request to queue or click on the ‘No’ button to reselect ICE that is available for immediate execution.
ICE Busy Popup
6. After the completion of execution, the user will be notified.