Configuring Rules during Task Assignment

  1. 1.
    Log in as a valid Avo Assure user and click on the ‘Mindmaps’ plugin.
Avo Assure Landing Page
2. Click on the ‘Assign’ icon from the action bar (left panel).
Mindmap Landing Page
3. Select the required Project, Release, and Cycle.
Mindmap Assign Page – Selecting Project, Release, and Cycle
4. Click on the required module.
Mindmap Assign Page – Selecting Mindmap
5. After the required mindmap is loaded and displayed, click on the ‘Advanced Option’ button.
Mindmap Assign Page – Mindmap Workspace
6. On click of the ‘Advanced Option’ button a pop-up is displayed. In this, select the rule to be applied, the target nodes for the selected rule, and the recipients for the email notification.
Mindmap Assign Page – Advanced Options
7. To add additional rule(s), click on the  ‘Add Rule’  icon.
Advanced Option – Adding Rule
8. To delete a rule, click on the ‘delete’ icon associated with the rule.
Advanced Option – Deleting Rule
9. To get additional information about a rule, hover on the ‘i’ icon associated with the rule.
Advanced Option – Rule Information
10. After configuring the required rules, click on the ‘Apply’ button to successfully apply the rules.
Advanced Option – Applying added rules